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Graphing Activities for 1st Grade to Teach Bar Graphs and Pictographs


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Looking for engaging graphing activities for first-grade math lessons? Look no further! This comprehensive pack of first-grade graphing resources includes interactive notebook activities and hands-on engagement to help your young learners master various types of graphs. With easy-to-use PRINT & GO lesson plans, you’ll be able to effectively teach bar graphs, pictographs, and tally marks.

Get ready for a seamless teaching experience with this complete unit! You’ll have two weeks’ worth of ready-to-use lesson plans that include interactive graphing activities and games to introduce, practice, and review bar graphs and pictographs. Say goodbye to the stress of planning and hello to a fun and effective way to teach graphing skills to your first graders.

These 1st grade graphing lesson plans follow a guided math format that include:

  • a warm up
  • mini whole group lesson
  • independent practice
  • small group ideas for you to use in your classroom!

In this 1st grade graphs and data unit, you will not find lots of bar graph and pictograph worksheets in this unit, rather, more collaborative activities that will engage students in their work! Plus, there are games and task cards included! All of these 1st grade graphing activities come in color and black and white.

❤️ This is a fully comprehensive guided math unit. It includes everything from pre and post assessments to vocabulary posters, to interactive notebook activities to games. Not only are they perfect for math centers and can be used all year long, but they are perfect for building the foundation of learning all about graphs! Best of all, center direction and recording pages are included along with answer keys!

Here are the graph & data activities that you will get with this unit:

✅ Vocabulary Posters

✅ Anchor Chart

✅ Graphing Games

✅ Pre-Assessments

✅ Lesson Plans

✅ Higher Order Thinking Questions

✅ Extra Activities to Use All Year

Each activity is aligned with the TEKS and CCS standards.

Check out the lessons plans included and the types of graphs they cover:

  • Day 1 (Introducing Bar Graphs)
  • Day 2 (Bar Graphs)
  • Day 3 (Bar Graphs)
  • Day 4 (Bar Graphs)
  • Day 5 (Bar Graphs)
  • Day 6 (Introducing Pictographs)
  • Day 7 (Pictographs)
  • Day 8 (Pictographs)
  • Day 9 (Bar Graph and Pictograph Review)
  • Day 10 (Review and Assess)

✅ If you have any questions about this unit please let me know and I’ll be glad to help. Click on the preview to get a closer look!


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