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The Ultimate Teacher Summer Break To-Do List (of FUN things!)

School’s out and you’re officially on teacher summer break! You made it – woohoo! It’s officially time to shut the classroom door and hopefully catch up on some rest, relaxation, “you” time, and time spent with your family and friends. I know as teachers, we can’t help but think about school and the year ahead, but I hope you’ll take some time to do some FUN things that you enjoy – for yourself, with your loved ones, and as a teacher. To help you out, I’ve created the ultimate teacher summer fun to-do list with ideas for you to try out all summer long!

teacher summer break to-do list

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Teacher Summer Break To-Do List

To help you make the most of your teacher summer, I’ve divided the to-do list into 3 categories: things to do just for you, with family and friends, and as a teacher.

I challenge you to see how many items you can check off of your teacher summer to-do list! Be sure to comment below and let me know what you’re trying!

Just For You

  • Read a new book/series for fun. I’m an avid reader (okay, maybe a bit of a book nerd!) and have a ton of my favorites linked here in my Amazon storefront. 
  • Find a new Netflix series to binge. 
  • Take a nap and don’t feel guilty about it. 
  • Wear whatever you want.
  • Go on a hike. 
  • Try a new workout class.
  • Visit a local library. 
  • Grab a snow cone. 
  • Get your hair/nails done. Feeling wild? Book a spa day!
  • Start a new Bible study. I LOVE the Daily Grace Co. studies, which you can check out with my affiliate link here
  • Go shopping and get something that isn’t for your classroom. 
  • Visit a thrift store.
  • Do a summer DIY project for your home. 
  • Try something new in the kitchen. Sourdough anyone? Grill master?

With Family and Friends

  • Go see a movie or catch a movie outside at the drive-up theater. 
  • Have a friends-only night. 
  • Go bowling.
  • Join a golf league.
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Visit a local winery or brewery (hello wine slushies!).
  • Try a new restaurant.
  • Have a BBQ.
  • Go on a road trip and find new things locally to explore.
  • Visit a State or National Park.
  • Go to a concert at the park or fair.
  • Go to a rodeo (is the Texas girl in me coming out or what?!). 
  • Grab coffee and hit up a Farmer’s Market with someone you love.
  • Take a family fishing trip.
  • Go camping.

As A Teacher

  • Sign up for some fun summer Teacher PD!
  • Create your Amazon/TPT wishlist for the upcoming year. 
  • Shop for and get your new classroom decor ready for the new school year. 
  • Read a teaching book. Check out my favorite Teacher Reads here.  
  • Join a teacher Facebook Group. We’d love to have you inside of the Saddle Up For 2nd Grade Teachers community! 
  • Have lunch or coffee with your teaching team.
  • Buy a new teacher tee for the upcoming school year. Want to collab with your team? Pick one (or two!) out together.
  • Check out the Inner Circle Teacher Membership for all things Saddle Up For 2nd Grade math resources, centers, and games for 1st-3rd grade, all in one place! Join the waitlist below!

What Would You Add To The Teacher Summer To-Do List?

I hope this teacher summer break to-do list has inspired you to try some new things this summer and make the most of your time away from the classroom.

While you may not be able to/want to 100% unplug from the teaching world, there’s a ton of fun things you can do both as a teacher, and just for you/with your loved ones over the summer. 

Do you have an idea to add to the list? Comment below and let me know what it is and which to-do list items you’re trying!

teacher summer fun to-do list
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