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Spring Math Fact Fluency Game with Addition and Subtraction Within 20


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Squeezing in math fact fluency practice can be tricky. Addition and Subtraction within 20 is a skill that young learners need to practice year-round. This spring themed math fact wheel game will keep your students on their toes as teams race against each other. They will be so engaged, they won’t even realize that they are learning! 


If you want to reduce your preparation time and increase student engagement, you will love this NO PREP math fact fluency game. Ensure that all your students have the foundational skills they need to succeed by providing differentiated opportunites which you will get with this math fact wheel activity. 

This product includes addition and subtraction within 20. Each fact set includes 2 versions. 

  • Set 1 includes numbers in order.
  • Set 2 includes numbers in mixed order. 

You can see what this looks like in the detailed preview of this spring math fact resource. 

Inside this resource, you’ll get math fact games for: 

✅Addition math facts

✅Subtraction math facts

✅PowerPoint and PDF versions of each

Say goodbye to math fact worksheets and enhance your students’ learning by incorporating fun themed math games. Designed for continuous review throughout the school year, this math fact wheel game is a must have for any math classroom. 

To play have teams race to complete the math fact wheel.

Use this spring math fact practice game for: 

⭐️ Whole Group Lessons

⭐️ Checking Student Understanding

⭐️ Math Warm Up

⭐️ Indoor Recess

Check out the preview for a DETAILED look at what is included! 



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