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Addition and Subtraction to 20 Activities and Games | 1st Grade Guided Math


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Help your students develop math fact fluency with these activities and games that introduce and review addition to 20, subtraction from 20, adding 3 single numbers, and missing addends.

It includes 20 days worth of highly engaging lesson plans to be used as a guide. These plans include a warm-up, mini whole group lesson, independent practice, and small group ideas. Therefore, it provides a great guided math model for you to use in your classroom.

This unit includes games and task cards that can be used all year long. You will not find many worksheets in this unit. All activities come in color and black and white. Center directions and recording pages are included along with answer keys.

The unit includes the following items:

  • Vocabulary Posters
  • Anchor Charts
  • Flash Cards
  • Helpful Tools (Subitizing Cards, Ten Fram Mats, etc.)
  • Pre-Assessments and Data Checklist
  • Day 1: Adding 0, 1, and 2
  • Day 2: Doubles Facts
  • Day 3: Doubles +1 Facts
  • Day 4: Make 10 and Add
  • Days 5: Addition Review
  • Day 6: Subtraction: Draw a Picture
  • Day 7: Subtraction: Counting Back
  • Day 8: Subtraction: Part-Part-Whole
  • Day 9: Subtraction: Doubles
  • Day 10: Subtraction Review
  • Day 11: Fact Families
  • Day 12: Fact Families
  • Day 13: Missing Addends
  • Day 14: Missing Addends
  • Day 15: Missing Addends
  • Day 16: Addition Word Problems
  • Day 17: Subtraction Word Problems
  • Day 18: Mixed Word Problems
  • Day 19: Review
  • Day 20: Assessment and Review
  • Higher Order Thinking Questions

This guided math unit has everything you need to get started. It includes print-and-go lesson plans to number sense activities and games that can be used all year long.

Aligns with Texas TEKS 1.3ACD, 1.5E

Aligns with Common Core Standards: 1.OA6, 1.OA7


If you have any questions just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.


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