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Made it Monday: Sight Word PowerPoint

I’m linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Made it Monday! 
My district requires us to teach the Dolch sight word list. I try to get as much practice in as I can but my schedule is crazy hectic this year so I don’t always have the time to do an activity. I made this sight word powerpoint to use as a quick review. When I have a few minutes to fill, I display this powerpoint through my projector and have my students call out the words. It takes only a minute or two and the kids really like it. 
You can listen to them calling out the words by watching the quick video below. I’m sitting at my computer and changing the slides myself. This was recorded with my phone so excuse the quality. 
Sight Word PowerPoint by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade
I can also set the slide to change automatically. I’ve been having it set to change the slide about every 2 seconds. They love to see how fast they can say them so if we go through a set and I have everyone on task, reading with good accuracy, I’ll change the settings to 1 second and boy do they love it. Sometimes they can get it, and other times it’s too much for them. 
Sight Word PowerPoint by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade
I’ve posted this powerpoint to TPT. I’ve included individual power points for the pre-primer – 3rd grade word lists. I’ve also included a powerpoint with all of the words. Each word list is also a different color. The powerpoint is not editable but you can set the settings for the slide to change automatically. 
I have the powerpoint with all the words saved on my desktop. We’ve been doing the first and second grade word list. When they see the “3rd Grade slide” pop up, it becomes a big deal!  We’ve gone through the 3rd grade words a few times. They are so proud of themselves when they finish. 
You can grab this sight word powerpoint in my TPT store here. 
Sight Word PowerPoint by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

Do you teach sight words regularly?

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