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Patriot Day

Today is a day that most American’s will never forget. It seems like each year this day hits closer and closer to home. 13 years ago I was in my 8th grade spanish class. 13 years later I now have my own class. Bless all the teachers who had to teach such a difficult subject to such little ones. Bless all the families who still suffer on this day. But most importantly, bless each and every hero who has fought, defended, and called for our country since that day. They are true heroes and that’s what I’ll share with my kids today. I have not forgotten. 9/11/2001. 
*This was my Facebook status from this morning.*
That’s is exactly what I did today. I spent the entire morning talking about the heroes of our country. I didn’t follow my normal schedule. Gasp, I know but I feel so strongly about this day and wanted to teach about it with the honor it deserves. We started out watching this brain pop video. If you don’t have a subscription, it is a free video on their site. 
Afterwards I let them ask me questions and I did my best to answer in a kid friendly way. They handled it really well and a few of them already knew about it. We talked about the different kinds of heroes that helped that day. It was going really great until we started talking about police officers and one of my kids buts out with “5-1-5-0, somebody call the po-po” (that Dirks Bentley song).  Then the entire class started to sing it. This would only happen in small town Texas ya’ll! It took me a minute to bring them back on track. 
I used this great freebie from Mel D to continue our talk about heroes. It includes a great mini reader that is perfect for primary grades. We read about police officers, firefighters, service men and women, teachers and citizens and discussed how they all played a part in that awful day. 
They wrote about who their hero was and why. I had some great responses. 
We wrapped up our Patriot Day lesson by making this Memorial Ribbon. It is a freebie in my TPT store. This is the fourth year I’ve made this and each year I love it more and more. It’s simple but holds such a strong meaning. I had one student say this must really be important because I see these ribbons in different colors everywhere. I love their little hearts. 
9/11 Memorial Ribbon FREEBIE by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade
9/11 Memorial Ribbon FREEBIE by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade
9/11 Memorial Ribbon FREEBIE by Saddle Up For 2nd Grade
September 11th, 2001. I will never forget. 


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