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April Fools Day Writing Activities

Do you celebrate April Fools Day with your students? While it is a bit of a silly holiday, it sure does bring a ton of great April Fools Day writing opportunities. Read on to learn about my favorite April Fools writing activities plus a few of my favorite kid-friendly pranks!

April Fools Day Writing Activities

April Fools Day Pranks For Teachers

Before I share my favorite April Fools Day writing activities, I just can’t help but share some of these hilarious April Fools Day pranks for teachers.

Wordless Word Searches

My students always seemed to LOVE word searches. I often would let my early finishers do them after finishing up their work. I saw this idea to make a wordless word search, so I created my own to use and had to share it with you!

This word search looks like the real deal, however, none of the words are actually hidden in the word search!

After several minutes of my students saying, “this is so hard,” “why did you give us such a tough one,” and “these words aren’t in here,” I decided to let them in on my April Fools joke!

They laughed and sighed in relief that they didn’t have to keep looking for the words!

If you want to do this with your class, you can grab your free copy by filling out the form below and it’ll get delivered straight to your inbox!


I felt a little guilty for tricking them with the wordless word search, which brings me to my next April Fools Day prank. To apologize for tricking them, I told my students I had “brown-E’s” for them! I told them that the only way they could get their treat was to put their head down and not peak. After passing them out, they found brown paper letter “E’s” on their desks!

At first, they didn’t understand the prank and looked at me like I was crazy. Once I explained it to them, the room burst out in laughs. It was a fun way to trick them while making the day fun for everyone!

Trust me, they tried their fair share of pranks on me too! All day long they tried convincing me that I had a spider or mouse near my desk (both of which I am terrified of!) At one point, I found a pile of “emoji poop” made out of brown paper on my chair and couldn’t help but laugh!

April Fools Writing Activities

While these kid-friendly April Fools Day pranks are always a hit, I have something fun AND educational for you to celebrate the day with!

The week leading up to April Fools Day is the perfect time to work on this April Fools Day Writing Unit! This unit comes with 3 different April Fools Day writing prompts to choose from in both digital and printable options, including:

  • My April Fools Joke: Students write about who they would trick and how they would do it!
  • I was April Fooled!: Students write about a time they were April Fooled or a time they were tricked!
  • Laugh Out Loud (LOL): Students write about a time they thought was funny!

To begin, encourage students to use their imaginations and brainstorm different April Fools jokes. Talk about all the different ideas or ways they could trick someone (nicely!) Students then fill out the pre-writing section of the activity.

April Fools Day Pre-Writing Activities

I love how each and every student’s idea is unique and different. Some are simple and some are totally out of the box, which makes it even more fun!

After completing the pre-writing activity, students choose their prompt and fill out their rough draft. After writing the initial rough draft, have them go back, edit, revise, and encourage students to add detail.

This April Fools Day writing activity comes with 2 different options for displaying the writing pieces. These would make a great bulletin board display in your classroom or hallway!

April Fools Day Writing Emoji Activities

Finally, to wrap up the April Fools Day writing unit, you can complete the LOL craft with your students to hang in your classroom or hallway!

April Fools Day Writing emoji craft

I hope these April Fools Day prank ideas and April Fools Day writing activities have given you some new ideas to use this year with your students!

Feel free to pin the image below so you can save it for later!


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