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Guided Math Activity Guide

Many teachers love using small groups for guided math, but dread the preparation and work involved in getting it all set up, tying activities to standards, and making sure to differentiate. Have no fear! There is a simple (yet comprehensive) guide to show you how to get started with guided math.

Small Group Guided Math Activity Guide

What is the small group math activity guide all about?

This guide was made with you, the teacher, in mind. All second grade math standards are addressed and have multiple activities to go with them.
Topics and standards addressed include number and operations, addition to 20, subtraction from 20, fractions, 2 & 3 digit addition,  2 & 3 digit subtraction, money up to $1.00, Geometry (2D and 3D shapes), multiplication, division, algebraic reasoning, telling time, measurement, area, and graphs & data. 
With 34 pages and over 70 activities to use with your small groups in differentiated stations, your students will be ready to reach all your math standards. 

Small Group Guided Math Activity Guide

Who is this small group math activity guide for?

Well, first the guide if for YOU! You spend enough time scouring the web for resources, going through all of your classroom materials, and creating engaging lessons for your students. Keep their attention and use this guide for low prep lessons that require very few extra materials. 
Since all the lessons are tied to second grade math standards, these lessons are perfect for first grade extension, second grade lessons, and third grade review or remediation. 

Why do teachers need the small group math activity guide?

You don’t have enough time in the day to do everything.

I have been there! It’s stressful to plan lessons that align with state and national standards. Let me take the math off your plate! Managing your math stations doesn’t have to give you more stress. Use these lessons for math stations or everyday plans. You’ll love how easy it is to get started!

The lessons are engaging and fun!

The small group math activity guide is not just a packet of worksheets. These are lessons that help your students apply what they are learning and practice math concepts. For example, your students can practice recognizing 2D shapes by building them out of popsicle sticks and pom pom balls. Division is even more fun with cookies (or Cookie Crisp cereal)! These activities will have your students excited to learn.

You won’t run out of activities.

Each page of the guide has 2-3 activities that goes with the standard being taught. You can use the activities at different times or differentiate your groups to have them explore multiple ways to demonstrate a skill then share with each other. 

The materials are simple and readily available.

All of the materials required for the lessons are simple. You will most likely have them already available in your classroom. Dry erase boards and markers, index cards, sticky notes, ten frames, and other manipulatives are common items in the activities. If you need to stock up, check out these guided math must haves.

Activities go beyond recall and recognition and into application.

When it comes to scaling up Bloom’s, these activities have it covered. There are simple recognition activities, but each standard has a way for students to apply what they’ve learned and show it in action. Rather than creating these activities from scratch, the small group math activity guide will have extension activities ready for your students.
Getting started with guided math doesn’t have to be another thing on your long to-do list. Try my small group math activity guide for easy standard-based lesson prep for your primary guided math classroom! Have it sent straight to your inbox by filling out the form below!

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Small Group Guided Math Activity Guide
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