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Geometry Math Apps for Primary Students

Teaching primary students about geometry concepts is an important academic and life skill. 2D and 3D shapes are found everywhere in the real-world. Make your geometry lessons fun and interactive with these geometry math apps!

Geometry Math Apps for Primary Students

1. Geoboard, by MLC- Free

This app is a great open-ended tool for students to use to explore geometric shapes and concepts. Students stretch the virtual bands around the pegs, just like on a physical geoboard.

Students can create line segments, shapes, and polygons. As they create, they can change band colors, add pegs, fill in shapes, and explore the symmetry and congruency of shapes.

This app is free and is available on iOS, web app, and Chrome.

Geoboard app

2. Khan Academy Kids- Free

This app is an engaging educational app with a wide variety of activities and games for primary students up to 2nd grade.

You can search the student library for activities in all subject areas and skills, such as geometry. There are lessons, games, activities, books, videos, and songs that are developmentally appropriate for your students. There are new activities added frequently to keep the learning fresh.

This app is free and is available on iOS, Google Play, and the Amazon app store.

Khan Academy Kids apps

3. Math Geometry- $0.99

This geometry math app is perfect for primary students and provides them with a way to study and practice geometry concepts, shapes, and their attributes.

Students can select whether they want to practice 2D shapes, 3D shapes, angles, triangles, or transformations. They’ll select a category and learn about the concept while answering different questions.

This app is $0.99 and is available on iOS.

Math Geometry app

4. Montessori Geometry- $3.99

Montessori Geometry is a fun app designed to help students understand that geometrical shapes are found everywhere around them in the real-world. This app helps students recognize and identify 2D and 3D shapes in real-world scenarios.

This app covers 23 different 2D and 3D shapes and uses mathematical vocabulary to help students increase their understanding of geometry concepts.

There are 6 different self-correcting games with engaging pictures and characters. Students can earn medals as they get more answers correct.

This app is $3.99 and is available on iOS.

Montessori Geometry app

5. Shapes for Kids Geometry Flashcards- Free

This geometry math app is great for helping primary students recognize and identify shapes while relating them to real-world objects.

This app is ideal for helping students memorize basic and advanced 2D and 3D shapes, their names, and attributes. Students can turn on quiz mode to practice matching the name to the shape.

This app is free and is available on iOS.

Shapes for Kids Geometry Flashcards app

6. Draw 3D Junior- $1.99

Draw 3D Junior is a geometry math app that makes learning and creating shapes fun! Students will tap the screen and drag to create various 3D figures.

There are several step-by-step tutorials included to help students create shapes and practice direction-following skills.They can start with basic 2D shapes and advance to complex 3D shapes.

This app is $1.99 and is available on iOS and the Amazon app store.

Draw 3D Junior app

7. Cyberchase Shape Quest- Free

This app from PBS Kids is jam-packed with fun games, challenges, puzzles, and a 3D augmented reality! Students must use their understanding of geometric concepts and problem-solving skills to master each challenge.

There are 3 games, 80 puzzles, 5 engaging environments complete with animal characters, and an augmented reality gsme that brings the game and concepts into real-life.

This app is free and is available on iOS, Google Play, and the PBS Kids app.

Cyberchase Shape Quest app

8. Boom Cards- Free

The Boom Cards app is an extension of “Boom Learning,” which allows your students to practice educational skills on-the-go in a self-checking manner. You can connect this app to your Boom Learning classroom no matter where your students are practicing.

This app is free and is available on iOS, Google Play, the Amazon app store, and on Android devices.

Boom Cards app

These Geometry Boom Cards are a fun way to practice identifying 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes. They are interactive, self-checking, and engaging!

Geometry Boom Cards

There are so many fun ways to teach and practice geometry concepts with geometry math apps. These apps are great to incorporate into your math lessons, math stations, or any time of day.

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    Geometry Math Apps for Primary Students

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