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End of the Year Activities for Math Review

The end of the year is an exciting, crazy, and busy time. Your students are getting wiggly and everyone is ready to get outside and enjoy the summer break. As a teacher, you do all you can to keep your students on task, engaged, and getting all of the practice in that they can before they move on to the next grade level. These end of the year activities for math review are sure to make learning fun in the last weeks before summer break.

End of the Year Activities for Math Review

End of the Year Camping Day

One of my all-time favorite end of the year activities is to have a class camping day! Don’t worry, you don’t need to go packing up your tents and bug spray just yet, because this camping day can all be done in your classroom!

You can turn on a campfire by searching YouTube for a campfire video and play it in the background while projecting it to your screen. Turn down the lights and let students use flashlights while they complete their math campout review stations!

These hands-on math campout stations are perfect for reviewing 2nd grade math skills at the end of the year. Your students will have a blast with the camping theme and hands-on activities, board games, and task cards. 

Each of the 7 activities focuses on a different skill, such as place value up to 1,200, time to the 1 minute and 5 minute, money up to $1.00, graphs and data, addition and subtraction with regrouping, fractions, and arrays and repeated addition. 

After your students have completed their math review stations, you can treat them to a camping day treat of s’mores and a great camping-themed read aloud. 

DIY Math Review Games

DIY math review games are another fun addition to your end of the year activities. There are so many different simple, DIY math review games that you can whip up or have your students create at the end of the year. 


Kaboom is one of my favorite math review games. All you need to create this game and play are popsicle sticks, permanent markers, and plastic cups or small containers.

Simply write math facts, numbers in expanded form, or any other math skill on the popsicle stick. Write the word Kaboom on 5-10 of the sticks. Place all of the sticks in the cup.

Students will take turns drawing a stick and solving the problem. If they get it correct, they keep it! If they don’t, they put it back in the cup. If they draw a Kaboom stick, they must put ALL of their sticks back in the cup. When time is up, the student with the most sticks wins! You can read more about how to play Kaboom in this blog post!

Kaboom math fact game with popsicle sticks


Jeopardy is another easy and fun math review game. To play, draw a simple Jeapordy board on the whiteboard with different math skill categories and points. Come up with questions for each category and point level and write them on notecards. You can prep this ahead of time and use it throughout the year or last few weeks of school. 

If you really want to make it easy, you can Google “free online Jeopardy games” and either create your own or choose from pre-made games to play. 

Split your students into teams and have them work together to choose a category and point level and answer the questions. If the team gets the question correct, they get the points. If not, the next team has a chance to answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Student-Created Board Games

You can also have your students create their own end of the year activities by creating their own game board. They can draw it out and include spaces for skipping ahead, sliding forwards or backwards, missing a turn, etc. They’ll love getting creative with all of the different options! This is also great for critical and creative thinking. 

Once they’ve created their game board, pair them up with a partner, give them a set of task cards and some game markers, and allow them to play their very own math review game.

Before playing, have them explain their game board to their partner. After someone has won the first game, switch game boards and have the next partner explain how to play their game. 

Beach Ball Math Facts

Beach Ball Math Facts is the perfect end of the year activity to add to your lesson plans! It’s a great way to get excited for summer while reviewing math facts and keeping your prep easy!

Just grab a big beach ball and a permanent marker and write numbers all over the ball. You can differentiate this by writing numbers that are bigger or smaller, depending on the level of your students and what math facts you want to practice. 

Students will stand in a circle and gently toss the ball. Whoever catches the ball will add or subtract the 2 numbers that their thumbs land on. Have them say the entire math fact, such as “6+6=12.” 

You can play a whole round of addition, a whole round of subtraction, or switch it up each time by telling the students to add or subtract. You could even do this for multiplication and division facts. 

To learn more about how to use this game to review math facts, check out this blog post!

Beachball with numbers for math fact game

Sidewalk Math

By the end of the school year, the weather is (hopefully) warming up and everyone wants to get outside! A change of scenery is sometimes all it takes to refocus your students and get everyone re-energized to end the year strong. 

Luckily, there are so many end of the year activities you can do outside to review various math skills. Just grab some sidewalk chalk and squirt bottles and you’re set. 

You can practice math facts by writing numbers on the sidewalk using chalk. Call out a math fact and have students race to squirt the answer with their squirt bottle. This would work for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division math facts. 

Another idea is to write 3 and 4 digit numbers on the sidewalk using chalk. Call out a number using different forms of place value, such as expanded form, mystery numbers, etc. Students will squirt the answer with their squirt bottle!

To practice time to the minute or 5 minute, write various times on the sidewalk using chalk in analog style. Call out a time riddle, such as “this time is 5 minutes before 2:05.” Students will squirt the correct answer, “2:00” with their squirt bottle. 

Review with Task Cards

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I absolutely LOVE using task cards in the classroom! They’re a great way to keep students engaged and actively learning. There are so many ways to use task cards, especially as part of your end of the year activities. 

You can play a game of Scoot, Headbands, or “Find Someone Who.” You can also add them to your stations. The options are endless!

You’ll also find task card activities in my math campout stations! For more ideas, check out these 10 ways to use task cards in the classroom.  

Bobbin' for coins math station

Boom Cards

End of the Year Boom Cards are another fun way to review math skills at the end of the year! These digital, self-checking task cards are fun for kids and make prep and grading easy for you! 

Skills included in the end of the year set of Boom Cards are: addition and subtraction with 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers, division with arrays, repeated addition and multiplication with arrays, place value, and comparing coins.

These activities are super interactive and can be used for a technology station or anytime of day. At the end of the year, you’re often assessing students and wrapping up projects. Boom Cards are a great independent activity for students to complete while you work with other students. 

Comparing coins Boom Cards with ice cream cones

Color by Codes

If you’re struggling to get it all done at the end of the year, I feel you! It’s such a busy time for teachers and sometimes you just need a no prep, print and go activity that you can give your students at any time. 

Insert… Math Fact Color By Codes for the end of the year! Students can practice addition and subtraction facts as well as writing word problems to match the math facts for a fun end of the year math review activity!

These activities come in printable and digital options, making them easy to add to your morning work, independent practice, early finishers, or those random chunks of time between activities and end of the year events. 

Addition and subtraction color by codes with dogs and pigs

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these end of the year activities for math review! These are bound to make planning for the end of the year a little less stressful for you while keeping the review fun for your students!

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End of the year math review centers
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