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Amazon School Supplies: Back to School Must Haves

There’s no denying that teachers love school supplies and we love Amazon! Not only do they have everything you could need and more, but who can say no to free 2-day shipping? My favorite part of going back to school was always finding cute, new resources that would be beneficial for my students in the coming year.

Although this school year may look a little different from the ones in the past, I’m here to share some Amazon school supplies that I think you will really love!

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Amazon School Supplies Back to School Must Haves

1. Lanyards

Lanyards can be used in the classroom for a wide variety of things! First, they will be pivotal in this coming year as a great way for kids to keep track of their mask at school.

Attach the ear loop to the lanyard and that way when students take their mask off for lunch, P.E., etc. they will not lose it!

Amazon classroom laynards

Make sure students know to wear the lanyard around their neck so that they don’t misplace their mask when they remove it.

Amazon classroom laynards

In addition, lanyards can also be used to practice student vocabulary throughout the day.

These vocabulary lanyards are a huge hit with my students because they enjoy quizzing each other and trying to stump one another on different words!

Slide your weekly vocabulary words into separate lanyards and have students practice defining them or even coming up with synonyms and antonyms for each word.

Amazon classroom laynards

2. Microphone

I’ve loved using this microphone in the past as a great classroom management tool. The person holding the mic was the only one that should be talking at that time while everyone else is sitting quietly and listening.

Classroom microphone

You might be wanting to use it for different reasons this year due to having to wear a mask/face shield.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, it could become difficult for your students to hear or understand you clearly through your mask. This microphone could be a great option to not only allow your students to hear you better, but also to recognize the tone in your voice.

If you’re looking for a more portable, hands-free microphone this one could be a good choice! It still allows you to be mobile around the classroom, but also gives you the freedom to use your hands if needed.

Classroom microphone

3. Magnetic Easy Staple Remover

If you don’t have one of these in your life yet, let me tell you – you are missing out!

For as many bulletin boards and student packets, I’ve put together in my teaching career, this tool has been a lifesaver! You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can throw that back to school bulletin board up before Open House night! Out of all the Amazon school supplies I have bought over the years, this little gadget is my favorite!

Bostitch stapler remover

4. Astrobrights Colored Paper

This is always one of the first things I stock up on at the beginning of the year! It can be used for SO many things within your classroom including parent notes, newsletters, and even printable math manipulatives!

Astrobrights colored paper

As you can see, I love to sort my paper out by color because it makes my heart happy and who doesn’t love bright things?

Astrobrights colored paper

5. X-ACTO Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

When I first began teaching, I didn’t realize why it mattered what type of pencil sharpener I used in my classroom. “They are all the same” is what I thought, but boy oh boy was I wrong!

This pencil sharpener is a GAME CHANGER! It’s much quieter than other sharpeners I’ve used and the shavings bin is huge which means fewer messes when having to dump it out.

I mean just look at how sharp these pencils are! Nothing makes a teacher’s heart more happier than that!

Xacto School Pro pencil sharpener

6. Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves

My favorite way to use these sleeves is for station work. It allows you to use the same worksheet or activity for multiple groups of students!

In short, it saves you time on making endless amounts of copies for each individual student. Instead, they use a dry erase marker and erase it when done so others can also use it.

Amazon school supplies plastic sheet protectors

Check out my blog post here to see how I used them to introduce a simple classroom tested multiplication strategy!

Amazon school supplies plastic sheet protectors

You can also use these sleeves to hang up your “I Can” statements or display student work. These work great on a bulletin board so that you can quickly switch out the papers without having to take everything down.

Amazon school supplies plastic sheet protectors

7. Laptop Backpack

This is my favorite teacher bag EVER! I’ve tried so many different bags from Vera Bradley to Thirty-One totes, and this wins hands-down.

This backpack is great because your laptop fits in it, and it also has a place to charge your phone on the side. I’ve had it for 2 years now and it’s still in great condition!

Amazon laptop backpack

8. Wire Storage Baskets

This 2 pack of storage baskets can be used for multiple purposes around your classroom.

Sure, you could set these anywhere around the room, but what I love specifically about these is that they are designed to hang underneath shelves!

Amazon under cabinet baskets

Maybe you have seen the tissue hack where you put your tissue boxes inside one of these to eliminate germs spreading, but these baskets can also be used to hold weekly copies or act as turn-in bins when students are done with their completed work!

9. Wireless Doorbell

Not only is this one of my favorite whole group classroom management tools, but this wireless doorbell is a MUST during station work.

Students quickly learn to recognize the various doorbell sounds to know when to transition to the next station. Read more on Establishing Procedures in Guided Math to find out how to use this doorbell as a transition signal.

SadoTech wireless doorbell

10. Laminator and Laminating Pouches

You know those things that you just love because they make your life simpler? This laminator is one of them!

Gone are the days of having to walk up to the teacher workroom to laminate anything. You can leave this personal laminator in your classroom or bring it home to make your hubby and kids help you if you’re anything like me!

Scotch personal laminator

Just don’t forget to order the pouches that go along with it! Go ahead and order the 100 pack because you know they’ll get used eventually!

Amazon school supplies lamination pouches

11. Chart Paper

Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you anchor charts are a must. No matter the grade level or subject matter, using chart paper is the easiest way to create engaging diagrams for your students.

Amazon lined anchor chart pad

Although I do love lined chart paper, there are certain times I prefer the unlined or unruled paper so if that’s you, I’ve still got you covered.

Amazon anchor chart pad

12. Chart Paper Markers

Are you team Mr. Sketch or team Sharpie? I’ll be honest, I’m both!

Amazon school supplies anchor chart markers Mr.Sketch and Shaprie

I love each of them for different reasons. Of course, the yummy smells of Mr. Sketch markers are a plus, but the chiseled tip is also nice when drawing small details on an anchor chart!

I tend to use Sharpie Flip Chart Markers since they have a bullet tip more when creating lists or directions on how to do something for everyone to see.

13. Easel

This easel is perfect for having somewhere to place your anchor chart paper. The legs are adjustable and there is a secured clip at the top so your chart paper isn’t constantly falling down!

Amazon classroom easel stand

I hope you found a new teacher Amazon school supplies to add to your classroom.

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Amazon school supplies for teachers

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