Introducing Multiplication to Primary Learners

We all know that introducing multiplication can sometimes be a tricky concept for our students to understand. From my experience, it is best to keep it simple and not over complicate things!

That’s where the G.E.T. strategy comes into play! This beginning multiplication strategy is a classroom tested strategy for beginning multiplication and repeated addition that will leave your students feeling excited about math.

G.E.T Multiplication Strategy

As teachers, we are always told not to reinvent the wheel so I learned this trick when I was student teaching and it has stuck ever since. G.E.T. stands for groups x each = total.

G.E.T Multiplication Strategy

So let’s break it down:

Step 1:  Draw their “groups” which is always the FIRST factor in the problem. I always have them draw circles because it’s the easiest.

Step 2: Next, they draw the “each” which is the SECOND factor in the problem. I have them draw dots. They like that it looks like cookies and it helps them relate.

Step 3: Last, they write their total number. 4 groups of 5 = 20. They write their total to fill in the problem 4 x 5 = 20.

To recap, give each child a card. They draw the groups and then write it out and create a repeated addition sentence and multiplication sentence to match! This strategy is not only fun, but it also helps when moving into word problems!

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I hope you found this strategy helpful when it comes to introducing multiplication. If you’re looking for more beginning multiplication activities, check out my Guided Math Multiplication and Division unit. It features lesson plans with everything you need to teach multiplication and repeated addition to your students. If you’re new to Guided Math, you can learn more in this post.

G.E.T Multiplication Strategy

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