Math Manipulatives for Distance Learning!

Math manipulatives play such an important roll in mathematical learning. They help students move from concrete learning to abstract learning. Since things for the 2020 school year and up in the air I’ve gotten so many questions about how to make math manipulatives work for distance learning.

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printable math manipulatives for distance learning

Math Tubs is hands-down, my favorite math manipulative hack. I’ve used this organizational trick since my 2nd year in the classroom. It’s saved me so much time since I never have to prep manipulaives before a lesson.

Math Tubs are shoe box sized plastic containers that contain individual sets of student manipulatives. So, how can we make this work for distance learning? These are ideal for distance learning since each student has their own set of math manipulatives, there is no sharing involved.

Then I thought, what about districts that have to do virtual learning? If your school would allow you to send home your math tubs for students to use, I think this is a great option. Even with virtual lessons, students can still practice skills in a concrete way.

Since we are unsure what this coming school year will look like if students will be allowed to “share” manipulatives in the classroom or will be at home learning, PAPER manipulatives are a great alternative!

I truly believe that hands on learning is best when it comes to mathematical training. Any type of manipulative that students can get their hands on whether it’s dice, coins, or clocks increases ones understanding of the concept.

printable math manipulatives for distance learning

These paper manipulatives still give students the opportunity to participate in engaging learning activities. The best part is that the prep and clean up is super simple!

Printable Math Manipulatives

The following manipulatives are included inside my paper math tubs:

  • Base Ten Blocks (thousands, hundreds, tens, ones)
  • Clock (will need a brad to attach clock hands)
  • Linking Cubes
  • Coins (these are in color)
  • Ten Frame Mats
  • Number Cards 0-20
  • Square Tiles
  • Hundreds Chart and 120 Charts

Most of these items are found inside my original math tubs that I’ve used for several years.

I will not be taking requests to add printable manipulatives to this document. If you are missing something that you need, you can always Google or search on TPT for that printable item.

How to Use:

  1. Print on card stock!
  2. Laminate (Make sure you do this step for them to last longer!)
  3. Store in Ziploc Baggies (you can use other items such a zipper pouches. These just make them more affordable.)

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    printable math manipulatives for distance learning

    I love printing these on bright card stock and once placed into a Ziploc Bag, putting them in this storage cart with labels.

    If you’re looking for ideas to store math manipulatives in your classroom, check out some of my favorite math manipulative storage solutions!

    printable math manipulatives for distance learning

    I hope you’ll enjoy these paper manipulatives to use with your students as much as I do! Please know that I will not take requests to add other manipulatives.

    Feel free to pin the image below to come back to this post when needed!

    printable math manipulatives for distance learning


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