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Will it Rain? A Water Cycle Experiment

I’m sitting at the airport headed to visit my best friends for the long weekend. I’m making this post from my iPad so please excuse the typos that may happen! Lol

The past 2 weeks we have been discussing weather and the water cycle in science. Today we did this super easy experiment about condensation and precipitation. Here is what you need:
Clear plastic cups
Shaving cream
Blue food coloring
First have them fill their cup about 3/4 way with water. You can do this ahead of time or have them do it on their own. Then add shaving cream on top of the water to make a “cloud”

Then add a few drops of blue food coloring. I recommend the liquid kind. I was using some that was very thick (last minute because our store was out of the liquid) Then squirt a little water on top of the food coloring. 

Depending on the amount of food coloring, it will soon form precipitation. Talk about the amount of water clouds hold and the amount of precipitation they can produce. Then squirt a little more water on top of the “cloud”. More rain will produce. 

They loved this and thought it was so cool! One student even said, “look, it’s then eye of a hurricane” so of course I snapped a picture. 

We journaled about our experiment along the way. We wrote our predictions and then what really happened 

Well I’m boarding my next flight. Hope y’all enjoyed the iPhone post! Happy long weekend everyone!
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