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Football Math Craft with Bar Graphs for 2nd Graders


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Does your classroom have kids who are passionate about football? This Football Math Craft is an ideal way to review graphs and data while adding a bit of enjoyment to celebrate the Big Football Game! Kids will have a blast finishing this Super Bowl math craft and won’t even realize they’re learning about bar graphs and pictographs at the same time.

This football math activity will give your students the opportunity to practice bar graphs for 2nd graders. The templates include bar graphs and pictographs with a scale of 1 and a scale of 2 that allows for easy differentiation.

You can use this Bar Graphs for 2nd Graders Math Activity for:

  • Tally Marks
  • Bar Graphs
  • Pictographs
  • Data Analysis

Plus, you can set up this football math craft as a simple hallway display that shows the results on who they thing will win the big football game.

This Football Math Activity:

  • A Whole Group Class Bar Graph
  • 2 Football Math Craft Templates
  • Ballot Cards to Cast Student Votes

Using this Super Bowl math activity is EASY! After student cast their ballots for who they think will win the big game, create a whole group graph together. Then, your students can create their bar graph and pictograph to show the results and answer questions about the data they collected.

❤️ You will LOVE that this football math craft is EASY to differentiate! With graph templates on a scale of 1 and 2, all of your students can participate in this craft.

Ways to Use this Graphs and Data Activity:

  • Create at the End of your Graphs and Data Unit
  • Bulletin Board Display
  • Hallway Classroom Decor
  • Have Students Create During Math Centers

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