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Addition and Subtraction Without Regrouping Exit Tickets for 2nd Grade Math


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Exit tickets are a fantastic tool for assessing mathematical comprehension. These addition and subtraction exit tickets are ideal for conducting quick evaluations at the conclusion of either your whole group or small group lesson.

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Want to see how well your students understand adding and subtracting without regrouping? Just use these quick exit tickets to check their comprehension. They’re great for the end of your daily lessons, and students can use them to see how they’re doing.

These exit tickets are made for 2nd-grade math and cover adding and subtracting without regrouping. They match up with TEKS and CCS standards and cover  adding and subtracting two-digit numbers without regrouping, missing addends with two-digit numbers, solving word problems, and more.

These Addition and Subtraction without Regrouping Exit Tickets include: 

  •  1-4 problems depending on the skill
  •  3 exit tickets per sheet to allow for easy printing for your whole class
  • 2 versions for each skill
  • Self-elevations on each exit slip

⭐ These exit tickets do correlate with my Guided Math units or they can be used as a stand-alone with any curriculum. If you do own my Guided Math units, they follow the same order as the daily lesson plans. They can also be used as a standalone with any curriculum. ⭐


Ways to Use Addition and Subtraction with no Regrouping Exit Slips

☑️ formative assessments

☑️ small group reflections
☑️ early finisher activities

You will love how easy it is to assess your students. Each exit ticket also includes a spot for students to self-assess their understanding. This allows them to safely share how they feel about the concept or skill they are learning.


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