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This is a year’s worth of 1st Grade Guided Math units. Each unit follows a guided math format complete with lesson plans for whole group, small group, and independent practice activities that can be used in your classroom all year long. All activities come in color and black and white. Center direction and recording pages are included along with answer keys.

These 1st grade guided math lesson plans are filled with hands on engagement and interactive notebook activities. Games and task cards are also included and can be used all year long. You will not find lots of worksheets in this unit.

All units cover the Texas TEKS and the Common Core Standards

This resource is currently a growing bundle. What is a growing bundle?

A growing bundle is a resource that is not fully complete. As each unit is created, it will be added.

How do I get the new updates for free?

To get the most recent resources added to this bundle, you have to download the updates. You can do this by logging into your account, going to “My Purchases”, and download the file again.

The following 1st grade guided math units are currently included in the bundle:

  1. Number Sense (subitizing, counting forward and backward, skip counting)
  2. Addition and Subtraction to 10 (addition to 10, subtraction from 10, adding 3 numbers, balancing equations, missing addends)
  3. Place Value to 120 (groups of 10, place value to 120, 1 less and 1 more, 10 less and 10 more)
  4. Understanding Numbers (even and odd numbers, comparing numbers up to 120, ordering numbers up to 120, number lines)
  5. Addition and Subtraction to 20 (addition to 20, subtraction from 20, adding 3 numbers, missing addends)
  6. Geometry (2D Shapes and 3D Shapes) & Fractions (Equal and Unequal Parts, Halves, Fourths)
  7. Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
  8. Nonstandard Units of Measurement
  9. Graphs and Data
  10. Money and Personal Financial Literacy


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