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2nd Grade Place Value Activities

Place value is one of the most important concepts when it comes to mathematical learning in 2nd grade. Place value concepts are the foundation for which everything builds upon in math curriculum. It’s important that a child’s understanding of the tens chart is strong so that they have a clear understanding of numbers and where they belong. Read on for 2nd grade place value activities and ideas that will help your 2nd graders build their skills while having fun!

2nd Grade Place Value Activities

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2nd Grade Place Value Chart

When planning your place value lesson plans for 2nd grade, it’s always best to start with a visual aid that helps students understand and break down the concept. I like to start my unit with a 2nd grade place value chart that we complete during our whole group lesson.

This place value chart helps students learn about representing numbers in word form, standard form, picture form, expanded form, and on the place value chart.

Students can then fill out their own chart with this place value interactive notebook activity. This will stay in their math journal so they can reference it throughout the unit and the year for review.

Place Value Story Books

Teaching place value using books is a great way to help students understand what a number is worth and its position. Kids love a good read aloud, so why not use fun and engaging books to help students visualize the value of numbers and master the concept of place value?

I share all about my favorite place value story books in my blog post called 8 Books for Teaching Place Value. In it, I share rhyming stories, superhero adventures, and folk tales all related to place value!

You can find all of my place value story books linked in my Amazon store here.

place value story books

Games for Place Value

I loving using place value games throughout my place value unit to make learning more fun for students and give them a little extra challenge. Plus, adding these hands-on activities for place value to your lessons will keep your students engaged and wanting to learn more.

Place Value Toss

Place Value Toss is one of my favorite review activities to practice this skill throughout the school year. It’s just as easy to play as it sounds!

Students will toss beanbags into the various tubs to create a number based on the value. This is a great way to have students practice saying and writing numbers in various forms.

This is the perfect place value game for getting your students outside on a nice day.

To learn more about how to set up and play this game, check out the place value toss blog post.

Place Value Cups

Teaching expanded form during your place value for 2nd grade unit can be no easy task. Place Value Cups is a simple game that is easy to prep and will keep your kids super engaged as they practice place value!

All you need to play the game is styrofoam cups and markers. Once you’ve prepped the cups, you can reuse them time and time again.

Students will love this hands-on activity for place value practice because they will get to twist the cups to form different numbers while also checking their work.

You can get all of the specific details on how this game works along with the FREE recording sheet over on the place value cups blog post!

Place value cups game

Shake the Value

Shake the Value is a fun and simple game you can play with your students when teaching place value in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. It’s super versatile, easy to differentiate, and uses basic classroom supplies.

This game is perfect for small groups, early finishers, or spiral review.

You can learn more about how to play this game in my YouTube video below!

Place Value Lesson Plans

When planning your place value lesson plans for 2nd grade, it’s important to include a variety of activities, games, and math centers. This will help students gain a greater understanding of the values of numbers. This will help students as they practice basic math skills, practice number sense, and learn the value of money. 

This Place Value Numbers to 1200 Unit is a full of 2nd grade place value activities that will help you break down this skill into daily exercises. You’ll find math warm ups, whole group lesson plans, independent practice ideas, and small group activities for place value.

The best thing about this Place Value unit is that there are 10 days worth of lesson plans included, as well as both pre and post-assessments. The digital version of this unit is also available for Google Slides and Seesaw!

Place value lesson plans for 2nd grade- 10 day unit

Hands-on Activities for Place Value

Using hands-on activities when teaching place value is a great way to help students make connections with numbers and really understand their value.

Teaching expanded form is especially tricky, so using hands-on expanded form activities such as Roll it! Make It! Expand it! and these Expand It cards are beneficial. These also allow for differentiation, so you can meet the needs of all of your students.

Place Value Interactive Notebook Activities

Using place value interactive notebook activities is a great opportunity for students to practice understanding numbers in their different forms. These math journal activities cover numbers in standard form, picture form, expanded form, and word form.

Place Value Boom Cards

If you want to incorporate technology into your 2nd grade place value activities, these Place Value Boom Cards are a blast for students! They help students develop a solid understanding of place value while keeping them engaged.

There are 2 decks of digital place value task cards that students can choose from. This activity covers numbers up to 999.

These are great for technology stations, independent practice, or early finishers.

Place Value Boom Cards

Free Place Value Game

Last, but not least, I have a special FREE place value game in my free resource library for you to use with your students! Head over to my website to gain access to this digital apple place value activity, along with other fun freebies for you to use throughout the year!

free digital apple place value activity

As you can tell, there are a variety of ways to reinforce place value in 2nd grade! Whether your students are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, there is something here for everyone. I hope you enjoy using these 2nd grade place value activities with your students.

Feel free to pin the image below to save these place value activities and ideas for later!

2nd Grade Place Value Activities including freebies, games, digital activities books, and hands-on activities

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