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5 Tips for Returning After Winter Break

​The second half of the school year is almost here and I’m sure there will be some challenges. Coming back after winter break can be hard. It’s almost like the first day of school all over again.

Most of your students probably experienced a lot less structure in their days. Here are six simple tips for easing them back into their school schedule.

Tips for returning after winter break

Welcome them with Open Arms

1. Welcome them with open arms – Keep in mind that some of your students have waited two weeks to be back in their safe place. Hug each one of those sweet babies as they enter the classroom and tell them how happy you are to see them.

Review Rules and Concepts

2. Review rules and concepts – Reassure them that your rules and expectations have not changed. Take the time to reteach routines and refresh their little memories.

If you’re looking for a new classroom management routine, check out this blog post. I’ve shared 10 classroom management strategies that I’ve used in my own classroom.

Let them Share Their Stories

3. Let them share their stories – More than likely, they will be bursting at seems to share about their break. Play a fun musical game and let them get some of their stories out. Have students pair up and share something about their break. After a few minutes, play a catchy tune. When the music stops they have to find a new partner to share stories with.

You can also use this FREE Winter Break Writing Activity. Set it out for morning work and then turn it into a class book for them to read!

Prepare for some Sadness

4. Be prepared for some sadness – You MAY have one or two students who are not excited to be back at school. They got to spend every day with their mommy, daddy, or other special family member. For kids that had a hard time adjusting during the first week of school, long winter breaks can bring back some of those feelings. Be attentive and give those kiddos an extra hug. A little can go along way.

Don’t Start Something New

5. Don’t start something new – I know some administrators would roll their eyes at me for saying this BUT…it is perfectly ok to not jump right in with new concepts the first day or two back. Take the time to review previously taught skills and refresh routines and procedures. They’re little after all and need time to get caught back up.

I hope you found these simple tips helpful.

Tips for returning after winter break

Have a blessed one,


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