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Teacher Week ’13 ~ Let’s Talk About Me

I’m so excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin all week for Teacher Week 2013! I’m going to try my best to keep up with it!
1. I just recently got married in June! Jared and I met 3 years ago under some pretty rough circumstances. Over the next 2 years we became best friends while living 3 1/2 hours apart. In March of 2012, our year and half of a long distance relationship began….trading off weekends and driving back and forth to see each other. I lived just south of Fort Worth, while he lived in East TX (almost to Shreveport, LA). He proposed in December of 2012 and we were married on June 22nd, 2013!
I know, I know, I’ve promised a wedding post! We don’t have our pictures yet! I promise I will when we get them!
2. I am a simple country girl! I grew up on a ranch just outside of a small, small town just about an hour west of Fort Worth. I graduated with 15 people ya’ll! If you have ever driven on I 20 and gone up or down Ranger Hill! Look North and that’s our ranch right off the interstate. We we’re married on Ranger Hill Ranch. It completely over looks my families place. You can see my parents house and my grandparents house in the background.
My families ranch is the back ground. Yes, we were married on the side of a cliff!
Growing up on a ranch, my first love is horses! I grew up around the sport of rodeo and love everything about it!
3.  Now, I love rodeo but what most people don’t know about me is that I was a cheerleader! I started gymnastics at the age of 3 and cheered all the way through my first two years of college.
Don’t I look so happy! lol!
4. I went to SPC for 2 years then transferred to TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY! I am a proud RED RAIDER and always have my GUNS UP! I loved everything about living in Lubbock and going to Tech.
Can you find me?!?
5. I am a sports junkie! I love, love, love college football! Major league baseball comes next followed by the NFL!
I’m always cheering for my Red Raiders! I was a season ticket holder at one  point. I now live too far away. My hubby is an OU fan ( I know…gag right! hehehe)
Jones ATT Stadium!
My husband and I love the Texas Rangers!
Dallas Cowboys fans for life!
6. We have two dogs! Dakota and Bentley! Dakota is a very hyper border collie/aussie mix. Bentley is a very laid back chocolate lab! They are our babies! We love spoiling them!
oh yea…Dakota can jump….REALLY high! She can clear Jared’s head!
7. I love to craft! Anything from redoing furniture to making jewelry! I bout a Cameo last year and L-0-V-E it!
8. Although I can not sing to save my life, music is a big part of me. I love everything from Texas country to alternative rock, Christian to hip hop! Music feeds the soul! Miranda Lambert is my absolute fave! I sware we could be best friends!  I’m also a big dancer and my hubby is not. I’m working on him though!
9. This will be my fourth year teaching. My third year 2nd grade and I’ve spent a year in first. I just moved to East TX and this is my third district in the last 4 years. I need to get off the computer and go get busy in my room! I started blogging and selling on TPT last October! I’m coming close to the 1 year mark!
10. I’m really not into designer things….but I love boots! I own 6 pair and wear them to work. I’m obsessed with sparkly belts (the real thing, not the fake cheap stuff). I own 7 of the real thing (love me some B.B. Simon and Gyspy Soul). I have an obsession with flip flops and miss me jeans! I guess you could say my designer is more of a western style! I’m sassy and love anything that blings and shines!
That’s it for now ya’ll! I couldn’t post any more pictures. I tried to upload some of my belt/boot collection and the uploader kept freezing. I think that’s a sign that I really do  need to go work in my classroom! Have a great day!

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