Word Problems: Compare Difference Unknown


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Do you struggle with teaching word problems to you students? Research says that there are 12 word problem types and by the end of 2nd grade, students are exposed to each of those problem types. The four main problem types include join, separate, part-part-whole, and compare. Here they are broken down by category.

  • Join: Result Unknown, Start Unknown, Change Unknown
  • Separate: Result Unknown, Start Unknown, Change Unknown
  • Part-Part Whole: Whole Unknown, Park Unknown
  • Compare: Difference Unknown, Bigger Unknown, Smaller Unknown

This file has everything you need to teach compare difference unknown problems. These problems have no direct or implied action. They involve comparisons between two disjoint sets. This file includes the following:

1. Cubes Strategy Poster and Response Sheets

2. 3 Reads Strategy Anchor Chart Problems (5 anchor chart and matching journal problems)

3. Problem Solving Mat

4. Interactive Journal Flip Flaps (2 different ones)

5. Problem Solving Anchor Chart

6. 10 Anchor Chart Problems w/ matching Student Journals Prompts

7. 10 Anchor Chart Problems w/ matching Student Journals Prompts with Blank Numbers

8. Problem Solving Booklet

9. Task Cards- 12 problems in color and black & white

10. Problem Solving Bingo

11. Rain Cloud Craft

12. Assessment/Quick Check

For a more detailed look at the unit, please see the preview. If you have any questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

I will be adding matching resources for the other types of problems listen above to my store very soon. Make sure you are following to know when they are posted.


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