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Telling Time Exit Tickets for 2nd Grade Math – Includes Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes and Minute


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Exit tickets are a great assessment tool that allows teachers to quickly see if students truly understand what was taught during a lesson. These telling time exit tickets are like little snapshots to see what students know immediately following a lesson. They allow you to see if something needs explaining again or if you can move on.

This set of exit slips is designed for 2nd-grade math, and focuses on am and pm, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, telling time to the nearest minute, and quarter hours. They are aligned with the TEKS and CCS standards.

These Telling Time Exit Tickets include: 

  • 1-4 problems depending on the skill
  • 3 exit tickets per sheet to allow for easy printing for your whole class
  • 2 versions for each skill
  • Self-elevations on each exit slip

Each exit slip includes 2 versions to allow for easy differentiation.

  • Version A – Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes
  • Version B – Telling Time to the Minute

⭐ If you do own my Guided Math units, they follow the same order as the daily lesson plans. They can also be used as a standalone with any curriculum. ⭐

Ways to Use Telling Time Exit Slips

☑️ formative assessments

☑️ small group reflections
☑️ early finisher activities

You will love how easy it is to assess your students. Each exit ticket also includes a spot for students to self-assess their understanding. This allows them to safely share how they feel about the concept or skill they are learning.

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