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Printable Number Posters with Ten Frames and Base Ten – Includes Cow Print Accent


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Let’s make your math wall more fun with these colorful number posters with ten frames and place value blocks . They show numbers from 0 to 20 and count by tens up to 100. They have fonts that are easy for kids to read and simple pictures to help kids learn.

Each poster includes the number in standard form and word form. Posters 0-20 include numbers represented on a ten frame and with base ten blocks. You can print these posters with or without the cow print themed accent.

Each number poster includes:

  • Number posters with ten frames (0-20 only)
  • Numbers in base ten blocks (0-20 only)
  • Number in standard form and word form

Full size posters are included for numbers 0-20 and they count by 1’s. Posters 30-100 skip count by 10’s and are half page size.

These bright number posters alternate the following colors:

  • green
  • turquoise
  • yellow
  • pink
  • purple

A version with and without the cow print is included.

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