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June Currently

Oh my it’s June!!! I never thought it would get here! It will be a super busy month for me. I have 4 professional development trainings (and they say teachers don’t work in the summer), a wedding, and my one year anniversary trip to Nashville! Then Vegas is right around the corner and we all know how excited I am about that! Anywho, I’m linking up with Farley for this months currently. 
Listening: I loved Boy Meets World as a kid! Thank you summer break! 
Loving: It is now 11:32 and I’m still in my PJs, I have no make up on and my hair isn’t fixed. Thank you summer! 🙂
Thinking: My husband is out of town for work this week. The only assignment he gave me this week was to get my oil changed since I’m just a little over due. 
Wanting: Have you tried Jamberry yet? Each month they release an exclusive sister style wrap. I am in love with June! Introducing Born to Sparkle! I think it is just perfect for summer and the 4th of July! What do you think? 
You can click here to go to my Jamberry website or here to visit my Facebook page. Are you interested in earning FREE Jams? I’d love to host an online party with you this summer! Shoot me an e-mail or click here and I’ll be in touch. 
Needing: I’ve really been working hard on trying to get over things I cannot control. God has a master plan and I just need to let him guide me through that plan. 
Bucket List: 1. Read like crazy! I don’t get to much during the school year. I’m already two books in. Have any good suggestions? Let me know! 
2. We bought a boat back in March. We plan to spend as much time on the lake as possible! There is about to be some serious wakeboard action happening around here! 
3. I really want to run a 5K. I’ve never done one. I’m working hard to get back into shape so hopefully this will happen. 
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