How to Score Discounts on Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of Teachers Pay Teachers. It has changed my teaching style in so many positive ways. It is also probably no surprise, that teachers spend A LOT of their OWN MONEY on resources for their classroom.

I recently learned that most people do not know that you can get discounts on the products you purchase. Today I’ll be sharing how you can get some of your favorite goodies at a discounted price.   

When you purchase an item on TPT, make sure to leave feedback on those products. This allows you to earn credits towards future purchases. For every dollar you spend, you earn one credit after you provide feedback.

If you buy a product for $3, you’ll earn 3 TPT credits. They will round up for you, too! If you provide feedback on an item that is $4.75, you’ll earn 5 TPT credits.

Every 100 credits is worth $5 that you can apply towards future purchases, but there is no need to wait until you have 100 to redeem them. 50 credits is worth $2.50   Check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to leave feedback.

I’ll walk you through the entire process, how to see which products you need to leave feedback on, how to check your credit balance, and how to apply credits towards your purchases.

Now here are some tips from a seller on leaving feedback. First, if you have any sort of concern about the product that you purchased (spelling error, font choice, etc…) please contact the seller via e-mail or leave them a Q&A on TPT. Please don’t leave bad feedback for this. Sellers are more than happy to  fix anything that may be wrong. You can also leave feedback on free downloads too.

Although you will not earn credit for these downloads, sellers appreciate your kindness. Freebies are hard work to create.

All products are time consuming, even if it is something simple. Take the time to say thank you for all their hard work.

Now go leave some feedback and redeem those credits for some awesome goodies!!!!


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