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Holiday Teacher Gift Ideas for Students

The holidays are here which means many people are gearing up for the season, making their wishlists, and getting gifts for their loved ones. Many teachers are on the lookout for special gifts to give their students. Make this holiday season special in your classroom with these inexpensive and DIY teacher gift ideas for students.

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Holiday Teacher Gift Ideas for Students

1. Pop-It Bracelets

Pop-It toys are super popular with kids right now! I’m sure you’ve seen these “popping up” in your school lately… pun intended!

They are a great sensory tool to help students who may tend to fidget or stress. This multi-pack of colorful Pop-It bracelets would make the perfect holiday gift for students.

Pop-It Bracelets

2. Play-Doh

If you need some teacher gift ideas for students, Play-Doh is always a hit. Every kid loves to get creative with Play-Doh and build different creations. You can get an assortment of colors for a great price, which makes for an inexpensive holiday gift idea for students.

Students can take their Play-Doh home to play with or keep it at school to use during free time, math stations, or when they finish their work early.


3. Smencils

If you’ve never had a Smencil, let me tell you, kids love them! Smencils are scented pencils with fun patterns that makes writing even more fun. They come in a variety of scents, such as Bubble Gum, Strawberry Cheesecake, Jelly Donut, Rainbow Sherbet, and Chocolate Milkshake.


4. Personalized Ornaments

One of my favorite teacher gift ideas for students is making personalized ornaments. You can make your own DIY personalized ornaments for a super affordable gift. Get a pack of basic, colored Christmas ball ornaments. Then, get a colored paint marker to write each student’s name on the ornament as well as the year. This makes for a special keepsake for students to have forever.

Another one of my favorite ornaments to make with students each year are Snowman Christmas ornaments. Check out this blog post to see exactly how to make them.

5. Mini Building Blocks Set

While it might be tough to get each of your students a complete building block set, these mini building block sets are the perfect solution and holiday gift. There are a variety of animals included in these sets and they come 12 to a pack, making them perfect to add to the list of teacher gift ideas for students.

Mini Building Blocks Set

6. Wikki Stix Christmas Fun Packs

Wikki Stix are one of my favorite manipulatives to keep in my classroom. They’re great to use during math stations, especially during your geometry unit. Kids can form, build, and create with these fun little moldable stix.

These Wikki Stix Christmas Fun Packs are a great gift idea for students. There are different Christmas picture cards for students to try building with their Wikki Stix.

Wikki Stix Christmas Fun Packs

7. Hot Chocolate Kit

One of my all-time favorite teacher gift ideas for students or really anyone, is a hot chocolate kit! There are so many ways to create a hot chocolate kit, so you can make it as simple or decadent as you’d like.

Grab a Christmas party cup, small jar, or even just a cellophane Christmas bag. Add a package of hot chocolate mix, a handful of marshmallows, a pinch of chocolate chips, and a candy cane. Put a cute gift tag on the outside and you’re set!

8. Christmas Coloring Book and Crayon Set

A coloring book and crayon set is a simple and inexpensive gift idea for students. I love these Christmas coloring book and crayon sets because each student gets their own set of crayons to take home with their coloring book.

You can even give these out the week before Christmas and let your students color in them after they finish their work or in those little pockets of time between Christmas activities at school.

Christmas coloring book and crayons set

9. Scholastic $1 Books

If you’re a member of Scholastic, there are a ton of $1 books available, especially around the holidays. What better gift idea than to get each student their very own book?! If you have points to use from your students’ book orders, you may even have more credits or free books available, so be sure to check that out when looking for gifts for students.

10. Color Your Own Bookmarks

Encourage your students to get excited about reading with these Color Your Own Bookmarks. With a ton of patterns to choose from, these bookmarks will be a hit with your students. Pair a bookmark with a Scholastic book from above and you’ll have a fun and educational gift for your students.

Color Your Own Bookmarks

11. Gloves

Kids gloves are another great gift idea for your students. Students can take them home or keep them at school for recess during the cold winter months. This gift idea is practical, but so many kids don’t have a pair of gloves, so gifting them is a great way to keep your students’ hands warm.

Kids gloves

I hope these teacher gift ideas for students were helpful and gave you a ton of new ideas for inexpensive and DIY holiday gifts.

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Holiday Teacher Gift Ideas for Students

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