Classroom Reward Scratch Off Tickets

I am always looking for ways to promote positive classroom behavior. In this post, I’m going to share one of my favorite classroom management strategies. Today, I’m going to explain how you can use an amazing classroom management technique along with reward scratch off tickets to promote good behavior in your classroom.

FREE Scratch Off Classroom Reward Tickets

Secret Students

I started using Secret Students several years ago and found it to be a really positive motivator for my students. Secret students are introduced at the beginning of the school year. This isn’t something I do every single day, but I do use this strategy a lot. The kids always know if they walk in the room and this poster is on the board, that their name could be behind it.

So, how does this work?

  • Display the secret student poster somewhere at the front of your classroom. I always kept mine on my whiteboard. I put it up high towards the top so that they couldn’t reach and peak under.
  • Write a student name under the poster. I chose a different student each day or every few days.
  • At the end of the day, remove the poster to reveal the secret student’s name.
  • If they have shown positive and good behavior all day, then they get to choose a scratch off reward ticket. However, if they had poor behavior, they do not get to choose a reward.
FREE Scratch Off Classroom Reward Tickets

Scratch Off Reward Tickets

Now you must be thinking….what is a scratch off reward ticket?

It is exactly how it sounds. Using scratch off stickers from Amazon, the secret student will use a coin or other object to scratch and reveal their prize! It really is so much fun!!

These editable reward cards are perfect for positive reinforcement with your kids. Here are some simple ideas that I’ve used in the past.

  • New pencil or eraser
  • Pick a brain break
  • First one out to recess
  • 2 Dojo points (I have tickets for 1-5 Dojo points)
  • A positive phone call home
  • No homework
  • Pick any reward coupon
  • Free choice
  • Free time with the iPad
FREE Scratch Off Classroom Reward Tickets

Your rewards don’t have to be over the top. I always chose something that would show them how much I appreciate their good behavior.

If you’d like these secret student reward cards to use in your classroom, simply fill out the form below to have them sent straight to your inbox.

These reward scratch offs are editable and completely customizable for your student’s needs.

How to Make a Scratch Off

You can find these scratch off stickers on Amazon. In years past, I’ve made these using dish soap and acrylic paint. These stickers have saved me so much time!!! The paint scratches off very easily. They’re very inexpensive too. You can get a pack of 100 stickers for around $6.00.

  • Download the FREE scratch off rewards from your inbox.
  • Open the editable PowerPoint file.
  • Add your own rewards in the boxes that say “TYPE TEXT HERE”.
  • Print onto cardstock for more durability. I have printed on regular paper but sometimes it would tear when students were scratching to reveal their reward.
  • Apply a scratch off sticker on top of the reward box.

I make enough of these classroom rewards at the beginning of the year to last me the entire school year. The classroom management strategy has been a positive thing in my classroom and I’ve noticed that on the days that I do choose to do this, the kids seem to enjoy it. They all work hard because they all want the reward if it is them.

If you are looking for more classroom management strategies, you can check out this blog post. I share 10 Whole Group Classroom Management Strategies I’ve used over the years and have had success with all of them.

FREE Scratch Off Classroom Reward Tickets
FREE Scratch Off Classroom Reward Tickets

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