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Classroom Reward Coupons

Today was the first day back from the break and boy was it LLOONNGG!!! I know the first day back after a break is always hetic so I’m hoping tomorrow will be a much better day.
My team teacher and I were discussing different ways we wanted to change up our classroom management today. We discussed things that have and have not worked so far this year. This convo gave me the idea for this blog post! see I told you I wouldn’t stay away for so long this time
Now, this is only my 3rd year teaching so I’m still playing around with different types of management. The past 2 years, I have done the sticker chart/treasure box thing. Which was fine overall but last year I got so sick of spending so much money for a prize box. I decided to do away with it this year and it has been WONDERFUL!!!
I use a basic clip chart where the students can move up or down (this will be a later post). At the end of each day they get a sticker for their chart. When they fill up their sticker chart, instead of going to the prize box, they get to pick a reward coupon! Seriously ya’ll, these have been a huge hit!
They get to pick from the following coupons:
1.Write with a fancy pen for a day
2. No homework tonight!
3. No spelling homework tonight!
4. No math homework tonight!
5. Skip your morning work for a day!
6. Read a book to the entire class!
7. Use the teachers chair for a day! (BIGGEST HIT!!!)
8. Eat lunch with the teacher in the classroom!
9. Move your desk next to a friends for a day!
10.Write with a marker for a day!
11. Sit on the floor with a pillow for a day!
12. Wear your favorite hat to school!
13.Bring your favorite toy for show and tell!
14.Stinky feet: Take your shoes off for a day!
15. Free day during computer lab!
16. Sit in your favorite spot for the day!
17. Bring your favorite stuffed animal to sit with you at your desk!
18. Free center time!
19. Pick a prize from the prize box!
20. Free time with the iPad!
21. Pick a lottery ticket!
22. Camera Man: Take pictures of the class using the iPad!
Click here to check out my 22 Classroom Reward Coupons.
I keep my in a binder in plastic sleeves. This works out so great!! When they fill up their sticker chart, they knew exactly where the binder is kept, they pick out their coupon, and then they are excited and good to go! Here is what my binder looks like!
I can’t explain enough how much I have loved these this year! I have not spent ONE DIME on classroom management prizes this year well last year. I do still have a prize box option but its just full of left over junk goodies that I’ve collected over the past 2 years.
Does anyone else use reward coupons? Do you have any other ideas to add to my list?

Marcy 🙂

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