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7 Books for Teaching Kids How to Tell Time

Teaching kids how to tell time can be tricky! Incorporating literature into your math block is a great way to keep students engaged. Here are some great children’s books you can use to help teach kids how to tell time. I hope you can find the best book to teach time concepts.

7 books for teaching kids how to tell time

A Second, A Minute, a Week with Days in It

A Second, A Minute, a Week with Days in It by Brain P. Cleary takes a playful and fun look about learning to tell time. This story shares relatable scenarios that relate to various units of time. The illustrations are funny and help make this book a great addition to your classroom library.

Game Time

Game Time by Stuart J. Murphy is a story about a soccer team and their big game. This book does a wonderful job of teaching quarter hours and half hour as well as other units of time. The illustrations in this book provide the perfect example to slow things down and have a discussion about telling time concepts.

Pigs on a Blanket

Pigs on a Blanket by Amy Axelrod is one of my personal favorites. This children’s book is about the Pig family and their attempt to go swimming at the beach. Pigs on a Blanket is a great book to read once students have learned to tell time and need a challenge or are now working elapsed time. This book would pair great with students using individual clocks to create the times shown throughout the book.

teaching kids how to tell time

About Time: A First Look at Clocks

About Time: A First Look at Clocks by Bruce Koscielniak is a wonderful, informational book that teaches your students all about the history of clocks and telling time. This book shares lots of fun facts about the history of clocks.

I will say that this book is more suitable for upper elementary grades. It is very wordy for 2nd grade but is a great tool to share information during a read aloud.

about time

Me Counting Time

Me Counting on Time by Joan Sweeney is an easy and wonderful read for young children. It does a wonderful job of explaining things from a second all the way up to a millennium. Me Counting on Time does a wonderful job of sharing real-life situations with measurements of telling time.

counting time

Telling Time

Telling Time by Jules Older is perfect for students who are struggling with telling time. This children’s book teachers how to tell time with digital and analog clocks and is perfect for all ages.

telling time

Just a Second

Just a Second by Steve Jenkins is sure to be a classroom hit, especially if they enjoy learning about animals. Jenkins does a great job relating animal facts to concepts of telling time.

teaching kids how to tell time

And that completes this list of fun books to teach time! Are there any that you would add? Share in the comments!

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teaching kids how to tell time

If you are looking for hands-on activities for telling time, check out my Telling Time unit. This unit features 10 days worth of lesson plans for whole group, small group, and independent practice. It covers teaching kids how to tell time in 5 and 1-minute increments.

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