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12 Books to Reinforce Addition & Subtraction Strategies

Using math read alouds to introduce mathematical concepts is one of the best ways to get students engaged in the lesson. There are so many good books out there that reinforce addition and subtraction strategies for young learners. I’ve taken my top 12 addition and subtraction books and compiled them into one go-to list for you! Some of these books shown can be found inside Kindle Unlimited.

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12 addition and subtraction books

I’m a huge reader outside of the classroom and have a slight obsession with my Kindle e-reader. I prefer to read an actual book, but the convenience of an e-reader is so nice and often times more affordable. Amazon has a subscription service called Kindle Unlimited that I have been a member of for the past few years. In addition, if you are a subscriber, it is a great tool to use in the classroom with yours students. 

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s monthly book subscription service. For under $10 a month, you have access to thousands of books at your fingertips. It allows you to rent up to 10 books at a time without any additional cost. There are 3 books mentioned in my list below that can be found on Kindle unlimited so I will be sure to mention them to you! Here is a Kindle Unlimited trial link if you would like to try it out.

1. The Mission of Addition

The Mission of Addition book

This is the first book that can be found on Kindle Unlimited. It is a perfect addition read aloud book that will have young learners laughing their way through different scenes! In fact, kids will read real-life examples of adding things such as bubbles during bath time, school buses, and more. They will also become familiar with addition key terms and their usage.

2. If You Were a Plus Sign

If you were a plus sign addition read aloud

To begin with, knowing the correct mathematical symbols for various problems is key when it comes to learning addition and subtraction strategies. This is such a fun addition book because kids will have a chance to use their imagination to add all kinds of people and animals! With the easy-to-read text, students will catch on to addition and become young math lovers very quickly! This book can also be found on Kindle Unlimited to read on an iPad or electronic device.

3. Animals on Board

Animals on board addition book

From the start of this book, students will experience a journey like no other. They will ride along as trucker Jill and her dog to collect animals on their adventure! Students will be on the edge of their seats as they wait to see which animal will be added next to their train.

4. A Fair Bear Share

A fair bear share book about addition

Berries, nuts, and seeds, oh my! Will mama bear have enough ingredients to make her famous pie? Kids will love trying to find out while they practice regrouping into groups of tens and ones throughout this book about addition!

5. Mission: Addition

Mission: Addition read aloud

To begin with, there’s one mission in this book: learn how to add using the world around them! The author, Loreen Leedy, does an excellent job of using animals to play detective to solve addition problems.

6. What’s New at the Zoo?

What's new at the zoo read aloud about addition strategies

Not only do I love this book because it reinforces addition strategies, but it also incorporates science along with it! Students will go on a journey through the zoo where they will add baby animals to the adult animals. Kids will add how many animals there are all together while learning the names of the baby animals.

7. The Action of Subtraction

The action of subtraction book

Rhyming is such a great way to increase retention and that’s just what this subtraction read aloud does! Filled with laughter, the pages tell a story of a how to take one number away from another. Students will be rocking their subtraction strategies in no time!

8. If You Were a Minus Sign

If you were a minus sign book about subtraction

Put yourself in the shoes of a minus sign and think of all the possibilities one could do! Kids will practice subtracting food and balloons as they find the difference for each math problem. Switch it up and read this book about subtraction electronically to your students using Kindle Unlimited!

9. Subtraction Action

Subtraction action read aloud about subtraction

From page to page, students will be introduced to subtraction through the play of animals. This is a perfect book to reinforce subtraction strategies in a fun, non-worksheet way! Don’t forget, this author also has Addition Action (mentioned earlier in this post) to help reinforce both addition and subtraction strategies for kids!

10. Elevator Magic

Elevator magic subtraction book

Follow along with Ben as he rides down the elevator! For example, students will practice subtracting items along the way as the magic begins. See for yourself if it’s elevator magic once he reaches the lobby.

11. Ten For Me

Ten for me book about addition

Who can catch the most butterflies? Rose and Ed take off on an adventure to see who can find the most! Kids will enjoy the fun while completing the challenge of adding the butterflies together!

12. Monster Musical Chairs

Monster musical chairs subtraction read aloud

Who doesn’t love to play musical chairs? The author does a great job of incorporating music, chairs, and subtraction all into one. This subtraction book is a fun way to get students practicing their math skills!

As you can see, there are SO many wonderful addition and subtraction books out there to get your students excited about math. To learn more about incorporating math read alouds into your instruction, check out this blog post.

In addition to books, I always like to include hands-on activities to reinforce these strategies. In my Addition & Subtraction Strategies Unit, you will find independent practice activities, whole group lessons, and small group activity ideas, such as this Domino Turn Around Facts game pictured below!

Turn around facts domino addition and subtraction activity

To learn more about these addition and subtraction math books, check out my YouTube video below!

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12 addition and subtraction books
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